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About Us


The people behind Wikileaks, the Panama Papers, SwissLeaks and other documents leaked to the public have clearly been for the betterment of our societies. They have demonstrated corruption, extortion and misuse of public funds that have allowed the general public a vital look behind the curtain.

However, not every whistleblower” is as altruistic and keen on serving the greater good. Some of those involved in the leaks of documents have done so merely to enrich themselves, for political ambition or revenge.

A case in point is Xavier Andre Justo, described by some as the accidental whistleblower” for his role in releasing 90 gigabytes of stolen data containing details relating to the multibillion-dollar 1MDB scandal.

While many know about the scandal, few understand the central facts involved, especially about the person who was once hailed a hero and has subsequently fallen foul of multiple legal and law enforcement systems.

For the first time, the truth about Justo, his colleagues, including very powerful officials in various countries, will come to light demonstrating that his whistleblowing” has involved high levels of criminality, including theft, lies, aiding opposition to topple a government, extortion, and collecting over 6M Euros . The documents that are being released also show how he has used and been used as a pawn in a power struggle that could bring down the Swiss international corporation protection edge as well as its financial and banking systems as we know them, creating a snowball effect that will hit the general public very hard, especially at such an economically challenging time.

We are a group of concerned individuals from Europe and Asia who have been following these events for many years and have grown increasingly concerned that this whistleblower” and those who have aided and abetted him will inflict far more damage and misery than anything he supposedly uncovered.

Recent developments, such as Low Taek Jho settlement with the DOJ in the USA, the money laundering charges against The Wolf of Wall Street film producer and stepson of ex-Prime Minister Najib Razakin of Malaysia settelment, and the inexplicable halting of an official investigation of Justo for economic espionage” by the Swiss Attorney Generals Office, are just the first signs of the forces that are backing Justo which are willing to leave no stone unturned into ensuring that the truth does not emerge.

We believe that the truth must prevail and be made available to the public for all to be able to make their own informed conclusions.

So, we have made the hard and heavy, but necessary, decision to release the documents we have collected from our various sources so the public understands these events and the ramifications they will have for the public, who will be most affected by this web of deceit, corruption and exploitation.